Perhaps you opened our web site because you were looking for the “real estate in Spain” and it was a pure matter of a chance, but we can assure you that you have found a completely different approach to the real estate business, which allows our clients to save money when acquiring real estate in Spain.

Our experience tells us that in our country buyers often pay much more compared to the market value of the property especially on the secondary market.

The reason for that is very simple. Normally those clients who come to Spain at first address a real estate agency in their home country which later connects them to their partner agency in Spain. Both companies must earn money. The exhibitions, offices and employees cost a lot. That is why on the secondary real estate market (which represents most of the sales today) the commissions of the agencies are often as high as 15 %-20 % added to the real value of the property. A lot, don´t you think?

Unfortunately the clients find out that they have paid more after the deal was closed or even after leaving Spain.

Our ground principle is transparency. We work only with direct clients. 

The cost of our services is 3% of the of the property's value + 18 % VAT, a whole of 3,54 %, with a minimal fee of 3000 Euros (VAT included). The above mentioned fees are incorporated into the prices and will be invoiced to you on the day when you sign the purchase agreement.


Advantages for you:


1. Direct contact with the owners of the property, no secrets. The price is negotiated directly with the owner with our assistance.

2. Possibility of choosing any property according to your criteria, without pressure from us to buy only "our" objects. You are free to choose and buy properties from our database and those existing on the market (other agencies, private sales, Internet announcements etc). We will negotiate the price and do everything for our 3% fee.

3. Our fees include transfer from the airport, showing you the properties, negotiations, legal advice during the preparation of all the documents for the title deeds signature, as well as changing of all the communal charges to your name (excluding official payments and taxes).

4. The most evident advantage: We have the lowest prices. You can check it yourself on spot!

5. No geographical limits for purchase. With our company it is possible to buy real estate at the best prices not only on the Mediterranean coast but in large cities such as Madrid, San Sebastian and others. You send us a request, we find everything you need!

Summing up we want to say that for sure a choice of the agency or way of work is the client's privilege but we hope that by entering our site you have found a reliable, professional and transparent agent that will help you to find and acquire the real estate of your dream!!!

Transparent services

No hidden comissions

Best prices

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